CycleStreets – review of the year

Today is our second birthday – CycleStreets was launched on 20th March 2009. The last year has seen a huge amount of development work, leading to new features, speed improvements, and more. However, the next six months will be even busier as the project really ramps up! In the first year, CycleStreets planned 67,000 routes. […]

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Journey planner for West Sussex County Council

We're pleased to announce the launch a customised cycle journey planner for West Sussex County Council! We hope that this will be the first of many Local Authority sites based on CycleStreets (and thus OpenStreetMap), although quite a number already have links to our main site. Read more about the services we can offer […]

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Integrated map editor now available

Thanks to the brilliant work of Andy Allan, Richard Fairhurst, Tom Hughes, Dave Stubbs, Matt Amos and others, who have worked on OpenStreetMap's new 'Potlatch 2' editor, we've now been able to add an integrated data editor to the CycleStreets site. Just go to and you can fix up and add map data directly! We'll be customising the installation […]

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CycleStreets: Our Story – presentation to Net2Camb event

We really enjoyed the January Net2Camb Meetup event, where one of our lead developers, Martin, gave a talk 'Our Story'. Thanks to Claire for organising the event and everyone who came! It was particularly enjoyable as it was a rare opportunity to talk about the business and competition aspects of CycleStreets, about the challenges we face, […]

Read more – new site for Cambridgeshire County Council

We’re helping get Cycling Sorted, thanks to a new site we’ve created for Cambridgeshire County Council which has recently been launched! Cycling Sorted is a project run by the Cycle Cambridge team at Cambridgeshire County Council to find out where you would like to make improvements to cycling facilities in Cambridge and the surrounding villages, in terms of new […]

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Cycle routing websites for Local Authorities

We've received several enquiries from Local Authorities recently about using CycleStreets in some way. We're busy creating a set of pages, including a demo site, for Local Authorities to explain various options available to them, including: Hosted versions of CycleStreets within the Council house style Simply linking to us (which of course is free, and […]

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Cycling Scotland

We're really pleased to see that Cycling Scotland are now linking to Scotland CycleStreets from their front page! It was the Scottish Government’s Sustainable Transport section who funded the initial development of Edinburgh CycleStreets (in the form of a small seed grant arranged by Chris Hill of Changing Pace). We'd like to take this opportunity to […]

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