Cycle Hackney app created by CycleStreets

We’ve created a new app for Hackney Council, the Cycle Hackney app. Available for both iPhone and Android, the app aims to provide information to the Council on where people cycle for their daily journeys, and where improvements to the street and path network are most needed. This combines crowsourced GPS traces to help create a heatmap of utility cycle journeys. […]

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Steer Davies Gleave integrates CycleStreets routing for Local Authority websites

Craig Nelson, from Steer Davies Gleave, writes in this guest post about their experiences of integrating the CycleStreets data interface (API) into cycling promotion websites recently created for Local Authorities: In 2006 Steer Davies Gleave developed the UK’s first multi-modal journey planner for Brighton and Hove Council, as part of the Journey On project. Whilst it was […]

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Traveline Cymru adds cycle routing from CycleStreets

This is a guest post from Traveline Cymru who have just integrated our cycle routing data interface (API) into their multi-modal travel service. Traveline Cymru has launched the latest addition to the journey planning service on its website, with the introduction of the option to plan a cycle route. The routing is provided by CycleStreets. Now when […]

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Journey planner for Samsung Bike Week

We’ve created a customised cycle journey planner for the Samsung Bike Week website. We hope you’re enjoying Bike Week, and using it as an opportunity to spread the joys of cycling! Each event has a new ‘Plan your route to the event’ link, which pre-fills the destination box, making it even easier to promote events […]

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Cycle journey planning in Scotland

Over the last year we’ve been pleased to work with Cycling Scotland on a range of projects, now all completed and outlined below. These projects, which have been achieved thanks to Cycling Scotland’s grant and funding of £22k, will help improve improve CycleStreets, to help people find their way and consider cycling as a practical option […]

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Merging tool – new cycling data

As previously announced, we are working with the UK’s Department for Transport to make advanced cycling data attributes available for incorporation into OpenStreetMap. Rather than organising this along the lines of a bulk import, we are taking advantage of new technologies in Potlatch 2 and have commissioned Andy Allan, creator of OpenCycleMap, to develop new features to […]

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Improving cycle journey planning in Scotland – with Cycling Scotland

We're pleased to announce that we are working with Cycling Scotland to enhance cycle journey planning in Scotland! Cycling Scotland, the organisation charged with getting more Scots on their bikes, runs a range of initiatives such as Bikeability Scotland, the freshnlo Pedal for Scotland bike ride, cycle instructor training and more. They are keen to […]

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Wider use of DfT data

Over the last year and half, the DfT has been collecting cycling data for use in its TransportDirect portal. We received today a letter from Norman Baker MP confirming that it is the DfT's intention to open this dataset, in line with the new government's principles on transparency. We think this is an excellent development. It […]

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