Help us attend Velo City 2013 – vote for CycleStreets!

Your hard-working CycleStreets creators are keen to attend Velo-city 2013, a key annual international cycling advocacy conference. This year, Velo-city are running “Cycling Visionaries Awards” which showcase cycling promotion projects from around the world, which people can vote for. We have entered this. The highest-voted 30 projects will win attendance at the conference. Please take […]

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Prahou na kole (Prague by bike) introduces CycleStreets integration

Prahou na kole (Prague by bike), a Czech webzine and bicycle advocacy portal introduces CycleStreets integration. What started 7 years ago as one-man’s attempt to show that utility cycling in Prague was indeed feasible by making an unofficial cycle map has grown into one of the best information sources on urban cycling in the country. […]

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