Railway station codes in searches

We've added a mini-feature to our website and mobile apps that some regular train-using cyclists may find useful. You can now enter train station codes (e.g. KGX for King's Cross) in the search box, and the location of that station will be found. It just avoids lots more typing, and is useful if you use particular stations […]

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Cycle to your polling station!

We've added a new polling stations section to the CycleStreets Journey Planner, which locates the polling stations as destination points: http://www.cyclestreets.net/journey/places/pollingstations/ Currently this covers just Cambridge, Edinburgh, Wokingham and most London boroughs, but we can add more if we receive the data (see below). Can you help us add other areas? To add an area, […]

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Finding streets and places now quicker

As well as adding postcode search support recently, we’ve this week we’ve upgraded the general street/place finding system (called a ‘geocoder’). We’ve moved to using the new Nominatim system (technical details for those interested) by Brian Quinion – thanks to him and anyone else involved in that project. Some tips for quicker searches are: If […]

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Postcode searching added

Thanks to a grant (see our earlier blog posting) from Cambridge Sustainable City (part of Cambridge City Council), we have now added full postcode searching. Postcode searching is clearly an expectation of users, and our data suggests some users have given up doing journey plans at all – on the assumption that the lack of […]

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I can’t find my Postcode

It is very possible that you will not be able to find your own postcode using the CycleStreets search. This is due to the data source of postcodes that we are using, and you can contribute too. CycleStreets could use the Royal Mail’s Postcode Address File (PAF), however that is very expensive at over £5,000 […]

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Free the postcode

CycleStreets doesn’t yet have full postcode searching, though we at least take the first half of an entered postcode to get you to the right area, when doing a namefind search. We are currently using the excellent service from the great guys at Cloudmade. Unless there is a massive surge of donations (!) we simply don’t have […]

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