Steer Davies Gleave integrates CycleStreets routing for Local Authority websites

Craig Nelson, from Steer Davies Gleave, writes in this guest post about their experiences of integrating the CycleStreets data interface (API) into cycling promotion websites recently created for Local Authorities: In 2006 Steer Davies Gleave developed the UK’s first multi-modal journey planner for Brighton and Hove Council, as part of the Journey On project. Whilst it was […]

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London Travel live app adds CycleStreets cycle routing

This is a guest post from the creators of the London Travel live app, who have integrated our routing into the app. London Travel live started as a one man’s quest for travelling around London. The concept materialised more out of frustration whilst standing out on a cold winter’s night waiting for the public transport to arrive. […]

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Traveline Cymru adds cycle routing from CycleStreets

This is a guest post from Traveline Cymru who have just integrated our cycle routing data interface (API) into their multi-modal travel service. Traveline Cymru has launched the latest addition to the journey planning service on its website, with the introduction of the option to plan a cycle route. The routing is provided by CycleStreets. Now when […]

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PleaseCycle integrates cycle journey planner

This is a guest post from PleaseCycle, who include a journey planner run by CycleStreets in their product. PleaseCycle is an online system allowing councils or employers to encourage and reward resident or employee cycling through an innovative leaderboard system and redemption of ‘points’ earned, whilst being able to report on the carbon saved as […]

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