Scripting CycleStreets setup (Tech post)

This is a tech post, so if you’re not a techy person, feel free to stop reading now! We’ve been reorganising the CycleStreets codebase to get ready for open-sourcing the remainder of our software. This has been a challenging task involving learning how to write scripts that automate the installation of the CycleStreets website. The […]

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Prahou na kole (Prague by bike) introduces CycleStreets integration

Prahou na kole (Prague by bike), a Czech webzine and bicycle advocacy portal introduces CycleStreets integration. What started 7 years ago as one-man’s attempt to show that utility cycling in Prague was indeed feasible by making an unofficial cycle map has grown into one of the best information sources on urban cycling in the country. […]

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“CycleStreets: our story” – Green Enterprise talk, Monday 28th, Cambridge

We’re giving a talk to Green Enterprise, in Cambridge, today (Monday 28th January 2013). Themes covered in the talk will include: Who we are What we provide A bit about how the journey planner works OpenStreetMap and data collection Volunteer data collection Open-sourcing Funding Competition Big projects Challenges for the future Do come! Full details […]

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