Taking CycleStreets cycle routing another step further: surface quality, barriers, traffic calming, lighting

We’re pleased to announce a series of upgrades to the routing that have been rolled out in the last few months. We’ve extended the range of OpenStreetMap tags that the CycleStreets routing engine uses to find cycle routes. This has helped us improve the quality of the suggested bike routes in two main ways: by […]

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Cycling on the national stage

The last few months have seen a big resurgent movement of people wanting to see better cycling conditions around the UK. We couldn’t let this pass without some brief comment! Cities Fit for Cycling – Times CycleSafe The Times newspaper has been running a fantastic campaign, Cities Fit for Cycling, which has massively raised the […]

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CycleStreets Mobile web site judged “Best Application Design” by usability expert

We’re delighted that the CycleStreets Mobile web site has been judged one of the “Best Application Designs”, by renowned web usability guru, Jakob Nielsen! The mobile site was one of the winners in the Lightweight Applications category. You can read the report announcing the winners on his site, and a fuller downloadable report is available (for […]

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Cycle journey planning in Scotland

Over the last year we’ve been pleased to work with Cycling Scotland on a range of projects, now all completed and outlined below. These projects, which have been achieved thanks to Cycling Scotland’s grant and funding of £22k, will help improve improve CycleStreets, to help people find their way and consider cycling as a practical option […]

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Cyclescape: More features in place

Cyclescape is the toolkit for cycle campaign groups that we’re developing. Here’s the latest update, cross-posted from the Cyclescape blog: Work is continuing apace with Cyclescape, with more features now in place as we work up to a wider release to Campaign groups around the country. There are still quite a number of unfinished areas, […]

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