Cyclestreets iPhone app updated with new features and fixes

A new release of our iPhone app is now out. Go to the app store updates page and update today, or download the app if you don't already have it (it's free!). Version 1.5.1 fixes various reported bugs (including the 'freezing map' bug that affected some installations). So what's new? Firstly, we've made various improvements to […]

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Cycle campaign toolkit – spec

We're pleased to publish an updated specification for the campaigner toolkit, following consultation with groups and including further changes. There's been lots of useful feedback submitted by e-mail, twitter, blog replies, and in meetings we've had. These comments were turned into about ten pages of bullet-points (165 points!) for working into the spec. Many of […]

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Toolkit: technical options report

This is a technical post – you can stop reading now if you're not into web development! We've been continuing to develop the spec that we recently published for the toolkit. Several options for development have emerged. We outline these in our Technical Options Report. We'd welcome any comments. CycleStreets has secured £27,000 of funding as […]

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CycleStreets Android app: join our code team

Jez Higgins is the lead developer of our Android app. Here he writes about getting involved in the project. Until Christmas last year, I'd never even thought of writing software for an Android phone. Yet within a month of googling "Android development quick start" I was committing code to the CycleStreets Android app. This indicates two […]

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