Cyclestreets iPhone App Beta

This is a guest post from our mobile developer, Alan Paxton, about our forthcoming new iPhone app (which we've been able to do as a result of grants from the Rees Jeffreys Road Fund and Cycle Cambridge). I'm going to be one of the people giving a 5-minute talk to Edinburgh Techmeetup tonight ( I […]

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CycleStreets mobile app funding

As previously announced, we're busily preparing a new iPhone app. We mentioned in our last posting that the Rees Jeffreys Road Fund has kindly given us a grant of £5,000 towards this project. We’re extremely grateful to the Trustees of the Fund for their support – their funding has enabled this much-requested new interface for CycleStreets to come […]

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Dover to Cape Wrath!

Here's a screen snapshot of work in progress on CycleStreets. It shows the shortest route from Dover to Cape Wrath – i.e. the entire length of the country! Basically it uses the A1 – so the Romans were about right then! We've been working on a much faster routing engine that will, as a side-effect, […]

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