Cycling Scotland

We're really pleased to see that Cycling Scotland are now linking to Scotland CycleStreets from their front page! It was the Scottish Government’s Sustainable Transport section who funded the initial development of Edinburgh CycleStreets (in the form of a small seed grant arranged by Chris Hill of Changing Pace). We'd like to take this opportunity to […]

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Current priorities

At present, we've a couple of areas of work that we've been prioritising, to address known weaknesses with the system. Firstly, we've been working to reduce the 'wigglyness' of some routes. The problem is that the journey planner engine does not yet take account of turn delays. Once this is finally rolled out, routes will […]

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An interesting Freedom of Information request

Cambridge resident and democracy activist, Richard Taylor has written today about a Freedom of Information request he made recently on the subject of the government’s efforts to create a Cycle Journey Planner, available through the Transport Direct portal. For the avoidance of doubt, Richard is not involved with CycleStreets, though our database shows he has […]

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Ordnance Survey data freed (partially)

Easter came early this year! In the last few days there has been a blaze of activity around the long-awaited changes by the Government to the way the Ordnance Survey’s data is controlled. A significant number of its excellent datasets have been freed up, which we think is excellent news for the UK geographical community. […]

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Ramping up planning speed

We’ve rolled out an improvement to the journey planning engine which should mean it returns the route solutions about a third more quickly than before. It’s still not as fast as we would like, but we have plans to make a major change this coming month or so which we believe will make a much […]

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