Thank you very much to the very many of you who told us that you recently voted for our project. We were beaten in our region by a group who enable disadvantaged people to gain access to the internet – an equally worthwhile cause – and we wish them great success with their project.

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During the vote we were able to get extra publicity for CycleStreets through facebook, twitter and via an announcement on the CTC‘s national mailing list. Our feedback database is overflowing as a result as the pressure to provide more features competes with answering emails requesting those features (amongst other things).

We shall continue to look for funding from other sources.

One thought to “Digital Heroes Vote – result”

  • Anthony Cartmell

    Sorry to hear that you didn’t win the funding.

    As for the feedback database, is there any way that might be opened up, so the feedback could be crowd-sourced a bit?

    I’m thinking that some problems, such as routes poorly planned due to lack of data in OSM, could be handled by other users. The OSM data issue being a particularly local thing, usually requiring local knowledge to fix.

    Just thinking aloud… I’m starting to make use of local volunteers to keep FillThatHole hazard statuses up-to-date, another situation where local knowledge is essential.

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