Photomap improvements: tagging

We’ve just rolled out tagging, amongst a number of other improvements we’re now finalising for the Photomap. When you add/edit a photo, you can now add tags (keywords). These will automatically get linked to other photos with that same keyword. They will also be listed in the tag list. We’ve seen quite an increase recently […]

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Exporting cycle routes to GPS

We added a way of saving a cycle route to a GPS device following requests when we demonstrated the system in Manchester in May. We have changed this now, so that: Both the Quietest and Fastest routes are included in a single exported .gpx file. Only the first point on each street is named. Previously […]

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Ferry Crossings and more

Our regular imports of data from the (OSM) project now includes ways that are marked as ferry crossings. For the UK, this amounts to around 250 links. Here’s an example where the quietest route uses the ferry, but the fastest goes a longer way round on the roads: The hours of operation and […]

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